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Quotes from Our Clients

We receive positive feedback regularly.  Here are some of the things our clients have said.

(Client names withheld for privacy.  For example, "Ami" is another version of "Mom".)


May 2021:   "I have mad respect for you and (your team)."  Dad

Summer 2021:  "Spending the money on visits with you is worth it for the detailed reports."  Mom

October 2021:  "I really appreciate everything you've done for us."  Mom

Late 2021 - February 2022 As visits were ending:  "I like spending time with you (and your team) but I'll be so happy to spend more time with my son."  (Later sent us photos of unsupervised visit with child after supervised visitation was no longer required):    "Thank you.  I'm so blessed."  Dad

February 2022:  "Is (your team-member) available for court as a witness (on specific date)?" Dad's lawyer

February 2022:  "You (and your team) have been great, you've done everything you can.  I wish we could have met in other circumstances (to be able to be friends)."  Mom

February 2022:  "Could you be my supervisor forever?"  Child

February 2022:  "You (and your team) did everything you could to help with the visits."  Dad

April 2022:  "My attorney would like to use you as a witness."  Dad

April 2022:  "You made everything super easy for us and I felt comfortable being with (my child) at the park with you there."  Ami

April 2022:  "Thank you Heather! I appreciate all your help with this one and will definitely recommend your services in the future.... You're awesome."   Ami's lawyer

June 2022:  "Thanks again for a pleasant exchange today. :) So NOT stressful.  It was nice to feel relaxed."  Mom

June 2022:  "Thank you.  Happy to meet (your team member).  He is very observant and seems to be very kind.  I like that."  Mom

July 2022:  "You've done everything you possibly could to work with me and I appreciate that."  Dad

July 2022:  "...I do appreciate what you your company and your coworkers do for the children involved"  Mom

August 2022:  "...(your communication) helps me know he (my son) is in good hands... Thanks for the ideas..."  Dad

August 2022:  "I appreciate all your communication on this, I know we are a tough case to schedule... I appreciate all your efforts."  Mom

September 2022:  "You are amazing... Thank you!!!"  Mom

September 2022:  "Thank you so much... Thank you again... Thanks for the follow up."  Dad

September 2022:  "Thanks for all your help" Attorney after receiving requested court form back correctly completed and signed within 45 minutes of her request.

We often hear:

"You were the first (monitor agency) to answer the phone"

"You were the first (monitor agency) who called me back."

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