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Offering agency neutral 3rd party professional supervised visitation monitoring services.

Now serving Fair Oaks, Carmichael, Citrus Heights,

Roseville & Antelope with no travel fee.

No Travel Fee Location Examples

(All examples have been actual client visit or exchange locations)

Fair Oaks:  Fair Oaks Park & Library (current preferred location),

Montview Park, Old Fair Oaks restaurants, Bannister Park

Citrus Heights:  Arcade Creek Park Preserve, Chuck E. Cheese, Ely's Playhouse & PetSmart

Carmichael:  Effie Yeaw Nature Center, Gibbons Park, & Carmichael Park

Roseville:  The Fountains (playground, pet store, restaurants, Dave & Buster's)

Travel Fee Location Examples

(All examples have been actual client visit or exchange locations)

Elk Grove:  The Center at District 56, Kammerer Park, Starbuck's, Chuck E. Cheese

(Note:  Elk Grove is soon to be a travel-fee free location)

Rancho Cordova (some Saturdays no travel fee): Sacramento Children's Museum, Hagan Park, Soil Born Farms, Gold River Restaurants, Brookfields Restaurant, Denny's

Folsom:  Seaquest & Barnes & Noble

Arden:  Little Angel's Play Town, Arden Fair Mall, Starbuck's

Downtown:  Fairytale Town, Old Sacramento & Railroad Museum, Southside Park


We are a team of qualified monitors, with Heather Widen serving as the primary monitor.


Your child’s physical and emotional safety is always our highest priority.


     We support every parent in upholding their court-granted parenting rights and we encourage positive co-parenting by modeling respect to all client parties.


     Most experts agree that children should play outside at least three hours a day. We encourage outdoor visits to support this important health goal when the weather allows.

Note:  Sometimes court orders specify "therapeutic" monitoring sessions, which we do not provide.

Agency team members meet all California Family Code Section 3200.5 (e) requirements:

(1) Be at least 21 years of age.

(2) Have no record of a conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) within the last five years.

(3) Not have been on probation or parole for the last 10 years.

(4) Have no record of a conviction for child molestation, child abuse, or other crimes against a person.

(5) Have proof of automobile insurance if transporting the child.

(6) Have no civil, criminal, or juvenile restraining orders within the last 10 years.

(7) Have no current or past court order in which the provider is the person being supervised.

(8) Be able to speak the language of the party being supervised and of the child, or the provider must provide a neutral interpreter over 18 years of age who is able to do so.

(9) Agree to adhere to and enforce the court order regarding supervised visitation.

(10) (A) Complete 24 hours of training prior to providing visitation services, including at least 12 hours of classroom instruction



PO Box 1432, Fair Oaks, CA, USA 95628


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Trustline Approval, Memberships, & License

  • Trustline Fingerprint Regsitered #8867554:  Heather Widen letter

  • National Association of Social Workers Member #886856079

  • Sacramento County Business License Number #GNB32021-00373

  • American Institute of Certified Planners Member #103632

  • Venue Memberships:  Sacramento Children's Museum & Effie Yeaw Nature Center

Click Here to View Verification Documents

  • Owner has regularly related to domestic violence survivors implementing tools for recovery since 2017 and has training specific to domestic violence survivors.

  • Experienced in setting firm boundaries to ensure emotional and physical safety.

  • Owner ensures neutrally documented visits from skills developed through many years of technical writing for local governments.


Except for the interviews and first visit, payment is due one week prior to service.


Accepted payment methods:

Bank payment (preferred) through Square invoicing only; or

Credit card payment with a minor processing fee through Square invoicing only.

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